In addition to reaching out to American students, ACT regularly reaches out to international students and local immigrants. God’s call is clear that we are to be a light to “all nations” here, near and far away (Matthew 28:19-20). The world is coming to both BG and Toledo. Its exciting to include Christians from other countries in our activities and Bible studies.

Our students and ministers also come into contact with international students who do not yet know Jesus. Many come from countries where it is difficult or impossible to send missionaries. Those students walk past the campus house or sit next to our students in class, and we can share Good News with them!

ACT BG hosts a weekly Community English class. This class provides a way for ACT to reach the world, and it creates a powerful discipling vehicle for our students.  Some of our students volunteer, and they interact with internationals, extending friendship, Jesus and help with English. It is a simple way for students to build relationships with internationals.

Over the summer, the class had a lesson about books, so the teacher asked students to bring their favorite book to class. A Muslim student, Anya*, brought a children’s book called You Are Special by Max Lucado. She shared how a friend had given her this book for her children during covid. Anya loved the story and recognized she is special in God’s eyes. She told us she reads it everyday and had checked out other children’s books by Max Lucado from the library. 

One of the teachers found a Max Lucado devotional at Goodwill and brought it to class for Anya. When the teacher gave it to Anya and explained what it was, her eyes lit up. Then, a Brazilian student showed Anya how a devotional book worked, since she had never seen one before. Anya opened to the date and read about imitating the humility of Christ to the class. When she finished, it was silent for a time. One of the other students said, “Whoa! That is really deep. I need to spend some more time thinking about all that this means.”

Anya now posts the devotion for the day in the class group chat. It is fun to interact about the different topics. Watching how God works in the most unexpected ways is a delight! He uses the simplest things to help us introduce our international friends to the beautiful life they can find in Christ! We are reaching out to the unreached nations around the world with the simple gifts of friendship, English classes, cups of coffee and even a Max Lucado devotional.

*name changed for security